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A good tools comes a good design and the key is never take shortcuts in building a high quality molds. Our professional team of engineers can easily communicate with you and familiar with most steel and hot system specifications.
A well designed tool deserves to be produced by qualified craftsmen in completely modern facilities. We have the completely department in with the best equipments.

Technical support and design:

  • Prototypes
  • Comprehensive database
  • Advice on most suitable tool options
  • Advice on raw material selection
  • Up to date design software capable of reading all major file types

Mold Creation:

  • In house tool design and manufacture
  • In house tool repair and maintenance
  • Mold size ranging from 35kgs-5000kgs

Injection Moulding:

  • 15 moulding machines
  • Machine sizes ranging from 80T to 2,500T
  • Shot weights of 1gm to 1,000gms
  • Comprehensive planning system